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Country Vision, an outcome of the dream of a group of highly educated and ambitious for the positive changes of our society, some dedicated hard working and like-minded eminent persons with zeal to help uplifting the socio-economic condition of underprivileged members of the community and established in 1996, as a non-profit, non-political and national level Non-Government Organization (NGO) working for socio-economic development of the urban and rural poor people of Bangladesh and aiming to support the under privileged, deprived, distressed and vulnerable people of the community. Just after formation of the Organization, with an aim to bringing the noble thought of the dynamic group of youths and eminent persons into reality, it initially undertook the development based activities in Dhaka, Chittagong and Dinajpur Districts that are purely meant for the betterment of the have not groups who were the worst sufferers. Subsequently Country Vision obtained necessary registrations from the respective Departments/ Authorities as such gained legal status. Country Vision is registered with the department of Social Welfare, Joint Stock Companies and Firms in 1998 and Bureau of NGO affairs of GOB in 2000.
Country Vision management also laid utmost importance towards developing “Net Works” among and with the Institutions/Organizations those are engaged and endeavoring to bring about positive changed in the fate of vulnerable groups of the country. Country Vision rapidly expanded its area of operation to cover as much components as possible with emphasis on the needs of the community. As a consequence during last Two decade, Country Vision has been carrying out its programs/projects in the fields of social development services like Study, Research, Health (Primary, Maternal and Child Health and Health and Family Planning), Nutrition, HIV/AIDS and STD, Education (Basic, Non-Formal, Pre-Primary, Legal and Reflect Education Etc), Natural Disaster including Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDMP), Livelihood Restoration, Climate Change, Relief and Rehabilitation, Emergency and Distress Relief, Post Flood and Rehabilitation, Institutional Capacity Building and Leadership Development, Drinking Safe Water and Sanitation, Structural Design and Engineering, Human Rights and Good Governance, Women in Development and Empowerment, Women and Child Trafficking, Food Security, Nutrition and Nutrition Education, Breast Feeding, Gender and Disable Issues, Social Awareness, Awareness Raising, Awareness Campaign, Media and Mass Communication, Baseline Survey, Gender and Disable Issues, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA), Feasibility Study and Detailed Design (FSDD), Agricultural including ATTP, Modern Agricultural, Fisheries, Poultry and Livestock, Training (TOT), Community Development, Community Financing and Vocational Training, Vulnerable Group Development (VGD), Community and Productive Rural and Urban Infrastructure Development, Employment Generation, Waste Management, Environment and Environmental Monitoring, Forestry, IGA, Rural and Urban Infrastructure Development, and Various Types of Urban and Rural Development Projects/Programs with an aim to successful implementation of the government policy to alleviate poverty, eradicate illiteracy, improve health status and develop agriculture to combat the upcoming requirement through necessary inputs, Country Vision has been pursuing wide range efforts to develop human resources to suit them for shouldering required responsibilities, demonstrate appropriate technical know-how/transfer necessary skills for helping the group members to accumulate savings and virtually generate income through appropriate IG projects, endeavoring health, water and sanitation programs to improve health status of the stakeholders (by reducing growth rate, maternal and child mortality rate, incidence of morbidity and enhancing knowledge and health practice, ensuring safe water), has been carrying out necessary programs to uphold the literacy rate in the project areas/target groups. To achieve desired results on above components, Country Vision has so far implemented/has been implementing projects/programs listed here below for the betterment of the underprivileged community in different areas of the country. In some of the projects/components, Country Vision achievement is remarkable which was possible owing to sincere efforts of the efficient and dedicated work force/team. The team is obviously promise-bound to make the project success and bring positive changes in the fate of target populations/ stakeholders.

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Country Vision has implemented different development projects independently funded by different local and foreign donors. Some of them were implemented jointly with the GOB departments and private sectors. Country Vision maintains strong networking, association and partnership with like-minded organizations and professional bodies in the form of supplementary and complementary manner for sharing and adopting models of good practices as well as any new development-taking place related to various fields. On the other hand, Country Vision has been operating under the guidance of a group of Experts, Professionals of different disciplines and experienced work forces. It has been practicing most modern Planning methods and procedures, which ensure the active participation of every level related to the project. Modern recognized mechanism and tools for monitoring, supervision, evaluation and reporting with adequate frequencies as per demand of the programs and specific funding agencies as well. Since its inception, Country Vision has engaged with Study, Research, Comprehensive Baseline Survey, Training, Consultancy and Supervisory services & facilitation for long-term human resource development. Organized and conduction of Seminar, Workshop, Symposium, Rally etc. In Addition, Country Vision is a National and non-governmental development organization has been endeavoring widely through implementation of demand driven programs for socio-economic upliftment including rural and urban institution building, awareness raising, resource management, skills and knowledge development, reproductive health services for the women folk including their children who are generally deprived of getting required facilities as well as for various marginal and landless farmer families.

Country Vision has the vision of a just society in which both men and women can work together to attain a higher degree of motivation for self-supporting in managing their own affairs and achieve an improved and sustainable standard of living of the target groups.

Country Vision has a development oriented aims and objectives in achieving socio-economic upliftment for the marginal income groups and hard-core poor communities of urban and rural areas. Its principal mission is to bringing about positive and sustainable changes in the fate of the poor, illiterate, neglected, unskilled, malnourished people, especially women and children of the society through empowerment and improvement of their livelihood.
Country Vision looks forward to carry out its programs in collaboration with Government of Bangladesh, Donor Agencies and others partners with an aim to reaching envisaged goals of development encompassing targeted individuals as well as groups. The efficient and dedicated working force of Country Vision is promise-bound to help the target beneficiaries for achieving self-reliance.

Country Vision expedited development through self-reliance efforts to more than 64,000 individuals/families of the following categories:

  • Hard-core poor of the grassroots level
  • Marginal farmers and landless people in the rural and urban areas
  • Women and children of urban and rural disadvantaged community

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